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Combinable crop production is the core enterprise and there is also a small commercial sheep flock.  The farm also undertakes its own woodland management and produces and sells equine bedding and forage locally.


Crop Production

To maximise economic viability, the crop rotation is carefully planned on an annual basis and currently includes the following crops:

Oilseed rape

Winter wheat

Winter and Spring malting barley

Stubble turnips

Intensive grassland

Permanent pasture


The farm is constantly trying to improve the soils on an individual field basis and uses precision farming techniques to measure both inputs and outputs.  By using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on the farm’s machinery, the farm can measure and apply variable feeds, seeds and other inputs to individual parts of fields as required.



The sheep flock consists of approximately 300 North Country Mule breeding ewes, which are bred to Texel, Suffolk and Charolais rams.  Lambing takes place outside during late April and early May and the lambs are reared on a natural diet of grass and turnips throughout the Season, before being sold direct to the slaughterhouse through The Cotswold Sheep Group.


Woodland Management

The farm has a mixture of both old and newly created woodlands, which are managed for the production of quality timber and firewood.  Some of the ancient semi-natural woodland is in a coppice management regime.  The average woodland production cycle is between 60 – 120 years, during which time the woodland will need pruning and thinning, together with shrub enrichment and glade management for the benefit of wildlife species.